Does your life worth insured? 3 reasons you need life insurance


Every second is another risk. In fact we live in perpetual risks and until you discovered your living is worth insured to protect those who would suffer in case you drop dead, you won’t really appreciate going for a life insurance cover!   We take insurance policy against a perceived risk, which if happened; we can’t bear for face the ... Read More »

5 Practical Tips to get your mortgage fast


A good reason for mortgage insurance is because you need it to help you secure your mortgage. Here are 5 practical tips to help you get your mortgage insurance fast. 1.      Shop for the best Like most competitive business, insurance business is an industry with very high competition; you can play this to your advantage by shopping around for the ... Read More »

Why You Need Travel Insurance


Nobody wakes up wishing for bad things to happen, but we all do know things happen when we least expect; that is a fact of life! Every second is full of uncertainty, accident, disappointments, theft, loss of valuables, war, attack, mistakes and many more of things that may happen outside our expectations. As with everything in life, traveling is full ... Read More »